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McGill University (B.Sc. 1949)

McGill University (MDCM 1951)

Jefferson Medical College Surgical Residency (1952-56)

McGill Medical Faculty (Teaching Fellow 1956)

Professor 1967, Emeritus 1993

Surgeon, Montreal Children's, Royal Victoria & Montreal General     Hospitals 1958 - 1997

Retired 1992


Pediatric cardiac surgery

Adult valvular surgery

Anthony R.C. Dobell, MD, FRCSC

Consultant Surgeon, The Royal Victoria Hospital
Professor Emeritus, McGill University

The Royal Victoria Hospital
Suite S8-30
687 Pine Ave. West
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 1A1

Office: (514) 842-1231 ext. 3
Fax: (514) 843-1602


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