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The Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery at McGill University has maintained a strong tradition in basic science and clinical research since the work of Dr. Arthur Vineberg. Under the current leadership of Dr. Ray Chiu, the Division has maintained a strong presence internationally in the area of myocardial preservation and surgical therapy of heart failure. Current areas of laboratory research activity include:

    Techniques of cellular cardiomyoplasty and myocardial tissue regeneration through implantation of bone marrow stromal cells. (Dr. Ray Chiu and Dr. Dominique Shum-Tim)

    Cerebral protection during hypothermic cardiac arrest in pediatric cardiac surgery. (Dr. Dominique Shum-Tim)

    Therapeutic angiogenesis. (Dr. Kevin Lachapelle)

    Congenital cardiac surgery (Dr. C. Tchervenkov)

    Additionally, a number of Clinical Research Projects are on-going at each site of the MUHC.  


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